Massage And Energy Healing

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Therapeutic Fusion

A custom treatment tailored to your specific therapeutic goals. Using a variety of techniques, I work with both the superficial and inner layers of muscle and connective tissue to target knots and muscle tension, and promote full-body relaxation. Pressure is adjusted throughout the session to client comfort. Therapeutic fusion is recommended for treating specific acute or chronic pain, or providing relaxation and stress relief.  

Oncology Massage

Modified existing massage techniques are used to meet the complex needs of clients in treatment for cancer or with a history of cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery). Adaptations made to accommodate each client will consider pressure, positioning, and site to avoid compromising ports, skin reactions to treatment, bone metastases, or affected lymph nodes. Some tissue mobilization may be used to soften scars around healed incisions. Light touch aims to provide comfort and support, and is safe for clients at any stage of their cancer journey.


A Japanese spiritual healing practice that promotes balance and harmony from within, by encouraging the movement of stagnant energy. Reiki in Japanese means "universal life force." During a treatment the client remains fully clothed on the table. The practitioner's hands channel energy into the client at various placements on the body by way of  very light touch. Reiki is suitable for anyone wishing to resolve anxiety, pain or stress without the soft tissue manipulation of massage.